Car & Boat Sandblasting Perth

Have your car, trailer or marine vessel blasted, primed, and coated by Kelmscott Blast & Paint.

Remove paint damage, rust build up and corrosion from your vehicle and have it primed ready for painting. Kelmscott Blast & Paint have two fully contained blast chambers at our Kelmscott location suitable for all sized vehicles from cars and boats to buses and trailers. Blasting is also available for car parts, marine equipment, metal restoration and more.

Following blasting, we have a range of spray-painting colours and protective coating options to protect your vehicle from future rust and corrosion. We will work with you to provide the perfect solution for your needs and budget.

Car Body & Part Sandblasting

Our car sandblasting services will remove paint and prime your car body for painting. Engine, motors, and car parts can also be blasted and cleaned from unwanted debris, dirt, grease, and rust. Following blasting and priming, Kelmscott Blast & Paint can apply paint and protective coatings to improve the visual appeal and durability of your car and car parts.

Bus & Truck Sandblasting

With two large-contained blast chambers suitable for large vehicles, Kelmscott Blast & Paint can conduct full blasting, priming, and painting of buses, coaches, and trucks. Remove old paint, grime, rust, and dirt from your vehicle and apply a protective coating to reduce future build-up and damage. We can also conduct spot blasting and painting, perfect for underbody work and storage repair and protection on large buses and coaches.

Boat & Marine Equipment Sandblasting

Providing premium protection on your boat, yacht, jet ski and more, Kelmscott Blast & Paint will remove grime and rust build-up from your vessel with professional boat sandblasting, before applying advanced protective coatings. Prevent damage and wear of your boat hull using the latest technology from LINE-X. Our sandblasting, painting, and coating services also work for marine equipment and metal to reduce damage caused by ongoing exposure to saltwater.

Trailer & Float Sandblasting

Create the most durable and protected trailers and horse floats with professional sandblasting and protective coatings from Kelmscott Blast & Paint. Our team will blast away grime, dirt, debris and rust from your existing trailer or float and have it primed ready for coating. Select from a range of paint colour options or advanced protective coatings.

Frequently Asked Questions

The time taken to sandblast a car will change depending on the size of the car, and what parts will be blasted. If the vehicle is delivered and needs to be disassembled before blasting, this can also stretch out the expected project time.

To get an approximate project time, we recommend requesting a quote from Kelmscott Blast & Paint. After discussing your car sandblasting project in detail, our team will provide an estimated cost and timeframe.

LINE-X Approved Applicator White

LINE-X Approved Applicator

Kelmscott Blast & Paint has been applying LINE-X Products for over 10 years and has built vast experience in the protective coating industry. LINE-X polyurea coatings are specialised, high-performance spray-on elastomeric coatings engineered for maximum durability and used to safeguard mining & industrial machinery and assets, farm equipment, construction equipment, boats, trailers and much more.

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