With two large-contained blast chambers and a fully mobile blasting trailer, Kelmscott Blast & Paint can cover all your sandblasting needs.

Kelmscott Blast & Paint can provide sandblasting services for almost any application, from automotive and marine sandblasting to light industrial and mining applications. Using the latest equipment and our two large-contained blast chambers, our experienced team will work to complete your project promptly and reliably to meet your deadlines and save you money.

Whilst located in Kelmscott, our team travels across Western Australia visiting rural workshops and mine sites for all blasting needs, including machine blasting, equipment and part blasting.

Sandblasting is an abrasive cleaning technique that removes rust, paint, scale or other contaminants from ferrous and non-ferrous surfaces, leaving a profile on the surface ready for industrial painting and protective coatings to be applied.

Sandblasting is also commonly referred to as abrasive blasting and this is because the process involves using industrial strength equipment to blast fine materials at high pressure.

There are varying types of machines and parts/accessories, so there is not really one way a blast machine works. However, for the most part, they operate on this simplified notion:

User-Loaded Media + Pressurised Air = Blasting

Media is loaded into the machine and pressurised, hoses are connected and when the handle is engaged, a mixture of air and abrasive sprays through the nozzle to begin sandblasting.

It’s important to choose a highly trained professional when booking a sandblasting service. Our team of blast technicians have years’ experience working with different surface types. Smooth results are all about technique and our team is trained in all types of applications to ensure your equipment is protected for many years to come.

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Different abrasive materials may be used depending on the project and surface types we are working with. The ability to choose from a variety of different materials ensures our clients are left with quality results. Common materials used in the blasting process include: Garnet, Aluminium Oxide, Glass Bead and Plastic.

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Why Choose Kelmscott Blast & Paint

  • Friendly and professional staff providing expert advice
  • Full-service sandblasting, industrial painting and protective coatings
  • WA family-owned business servicing West Australia wide
How does sandblasting work?

Using advanced industrial sandblasting equipment, Kelmscott Blast & Paint blast media like silica sand, garnet, glass bead or steel grit to remove paint, rust, and residue from oxidation on metal. This works through a combination of finely ground material and high-pressure air compressors, with trained technicians working within a confined blast chamber.

Can sandblasting remove rust?

Using an industrial sandblaster is one of the most effective ways to remove rust from your equipment, tools, machinery and vehicles. Following rust removal, your equipment can be powder coated or painted but may require some minor repairs depending on the severity of the rust.

Will sandblasting remove paint from bricks and concrete?

Sandblasting is very effective at removing old paint and marketing from brick and concrete. As most brick and concrete paint removal must be completed on-site, Kelmscott Blast & Paint has mobile sandblasting vehicles available to service the greater Perth metro area, and rural Western Australia.

What are the benefits of sandblasting before painting or coating?

By sandblasting your equipment, tools or metal before painting or powder coating, you’ll ensure that the surface is ready for application, providing maximum bond with your choice of coating. Applying paint or powder coating to a rough or rusted piece of metal will likely flake away and provide minimal protection.

Can sandblasting be completed at my premises?

Absolutely. Kelmscott Blast & Paint has mobile sandblasting services available to Perth and rural West Australian businesses. Contact our team today to discuss our mobile sandblasting and dustless sandblasting options.

LINE-X Approved Applicator White

Kelmscott Blast & Paint has been applying LINE-X Products for over 10 years and has built vast experience in the protective coating industry. LINE-X polyurea coatings are specialised, high-performance spray-on elastomeric coatings engineered for maximum durability and used to safeguard mining & industrial machinery and assets, farm equipment, construction equipment, boats, trailers and much more.

Professional, efficient and friendly. Contact us today to discuss your blasting, painting or protective coatings needs. We've got you covered!

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