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Our experienced team use the latest equipment to paint your machinery, parts and equipment promptly and efficiently.

Following blasting of your machinery or equipment, your goods can be primed and either spray-painted, or powder coated at our Kelmscott workshop. Applying a coating to your project can improve its durability and efficiency, with a range of colour options available to Perth businesses and private owners.

Industrial Painting Services Perth

Industrial Painting Services

Industrial painting is perfect for projects which require a particular colour to be applied or matched to existing colours. This is great when looking to spray paint your vehicle body or parts after sandblasting or covering industrial machinery and equipment.

powder coating services perth

Powder Coating Services

Powder coating your metal projects provides a harder and tougher finish, creating more durable products. This is ideal for applications where you may require a textured finish or have durability in front of mind. Powder coating also reduces the chances of scratches or chipping appearing on your metal during use.

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Why Choose Kelmscott Blast & Paint

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Should I be powder coating or painting?

Both painting and powder coating have their benefits and drawbacks. Depending on your application and expected use, we will work to provide the most effective coating options at a cost-effective price. To understand whether painting or powder coating is the right decision, speak to our team.

How does powder coating work?

Powder coating involves applying a dry powder to a clean metal surface. The metal is then heated which fuses the powder into a smooth unbroken film which provides added protection and optional colour finishes to your otherwise uncoated metal.

Is powder coating durable and heat resistant?

Powder coating is highly durable and can withstand high temperatures, although it does have some limitations depending on the level of heat it will be exposed to. Speak to our trained technicians about the expected use and heat levels and we will provide information on the best protective coating option for your application.

Can powder coating be removed?

Kelmscott Blast & Paint can remove powder coating from metal, mining equipment, industrial equipment and more using abrasive sandblasting techniques. This allows our team to clean your application and recoat it with an advanced protective coating.

Will powder coating prevent rust?

Powder coating can help to prevent rust from forming on your metal equipment and parts. However, chips and cracks in the powder coating can provide room for moisture to build up and rust to form. Kelmscott Blast & Paint provides professional powder coating services to minimise the risk of rust building on all applications, with advanced powder coating equipment at our Kelmscott workshop.

LINE-X Approved Applicator White

LINE-X Approved Applicator

Kelmscott Blast & Paint has been applying LINE-X Products for over 10 years and has built vast experience in the protective coating industry. LINE-X polyurea coatings are specialised, high-performance spray-on elastomeric coatings engineered for maximum durability and used to safeguard mining & industrial machinery and assets, farm equipment, construction equipment, boats, trailers and much more.

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