With two large contained blast chambers and a fully mobile blast machine, we've got all your industrial needs covered, either in-house or on-site.

Kelmscott Blast & Paint has all your industrial sandblaster, painting and coating needs covered at our full-service workshop in Kelmscott. After blasting and priming your industrial machinery and equipment, our team can apply advanced LINE-X protective coatings to reduce the chance of future corrosion and rust build-up.

We also have a dustless sandblasting trailer for mobile work across Perth, allowing our trained blasting technicians to visit your location providing prompt service. Speak to our blasting team today to organise a consultation.

Worksite equipment and machinery are prone to wear and tear and potentially rust from routine use. Have your equipment and machinery brought back to its previous glory with industrial sandblaster and coating services from Kelmscott Blast & Paint. We have full in-house blasting capabilities and mobile sandblasting equipment and services available in Perth and Western Australia.

Kelmscott Blast & Paint has the latest sandblasting equipment to remove rust, paint and corrosion from all surfaces. Following blasting with our high-performance machine, we can prime, paint and apply protective coatings to ensure your project is protected from future rust and corrosion. Speak to our industrial sandblaster team today about metal restoration services and coatings.

Visit our Kelmscott workshop for full holding tank blasting and restoration services. We will apply industrial-strength paint or a protective coating following blasting to improve the longevity of your tank and reduce the chance of rust and corrosion. Kelmscott Blast & Paint also has mobile sandblasting services available, so we can come to you.

Rust and corrosion can reduce the efficiency and safety of your industrial cranes, pickers and associated equipment. Speak to the team at Kelmscott Blast & Paint to have the rust blasted off and repainted with advanced coatings. With two large contained blast chambers, we can facilitate the blasting and restoration of large machinery and vehicles.

Can paint be sandblasted off metal?

Both traditional heavy-duty sandblasting and dustless blasting methods can strip paint from metal and industrial equipment. Following the light industrial sandblasting by our team, we can either paint or apply an advanced protective coating to any application.

Will sandblasting remove powder coating?

Sandblasting can be used to remove powder coating from most metal applications; however, we recommend bringing in your powder-coated materials for inspection by our team prior to blasting. While sandblasting is a viable option, depending on the application we may recommend some alternative ways to remove existing powder coating.

Do you provide metal restoration services?

As a local industrial sandblaster, Kelmscott Blast & Paint can provide full metal restoration services from sandblasting to applying industrial-grade paint or leading LINE-X protective coatings to your light industrial equipment.

Are protective coatings available for all industrial applications?

Where protective coatings are applicable, Kelmscott Blast & Paint can provide durable and advanced LINE-X protective coatings. The suitability will be discussed when responding to your enquiry, however, most common industrial applications can benefit from high-performance protective coatings being applied.

Can you sandblast our industrial equipment and machinery onsite?

Kelmscott Blast & Paint has a mobile sandblasting machine and blaster team including dustless blasting trailers which can visit most onsite location across Western Australia. For situations which require precise industrial blasting or protective coatings to be applied, we recommend visiting our facility in Kelmscott.

LINE-X Approved Applicator White

Kelmscott Blast & Paint has been applying LINE-X Products for over 10 years and has built vast experience in the protective coating industry. LINE-X polyurea coatings are specialised, high-performance spray-on elastomeric coatings engineered for maximum durability and used to safeguard mining & industrial machinery and assets, farm equipment, construction equipment, boats, trailers and much more.

Professional, efficient and friendly. Contact us today to discuss your blasting, painting or protective coatings needs. We've got you covered!

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